Rain dripping down the window, please amuse me.
It will be there tomorrow.

Stranger on the street, please hug me.
It will be there tomorrow.

TV on the wall, please distract me.
It will be there tomorrow.

Empty vodka bottle, please change me.
It will be there tomorrow.

Bed, my only friend, please swallow me.
It will be there tomorrow.

Pretty sunrise, you don’t fool me.
It will also be there tomorrow.

-S.A. Manful



*with this state of mind (Depression) you’re off the hook, you do not need to write your responses unless you desire to*

1. Take a moment to check in with your body, what do you physically feel? And where?

2. Do you agree that you interact with the reality around you? You have ideas of societal norms and pressures you must live up to; drop them. You have daily responsibilities to people and things; lessen the energy you put into them and if possible drop them. Make a mental note to tell these people that you will be reigning in your energy/effort and focusing it on yourself, ask for their love and support. If they are not in agreement well then you know where they stand (deal with them later).

This time is about you.

3. Chances are you have ruminated enough on the issues in your life and are quite sick of it. Take this time to express the pain you’re in, write down or speak out all the thoughts that have been circulating in your mind. Everything in your immediate vicinity is your audience; objects, walls, window, sky. Speak to your audience, make sure they “understand” the pain you are going through.

4. Here are two truths.

A. You are depressed because of the lack of faith in yourself & B. the lack of trust in the governing power of your own reality (your God or The Laws of Science or The universe, etc.)

A fosters emotions and behaviours such as anxiousness, low-self esteem, lethargy.
B fosters emotions and behaviours such as pessimism, frustration, fear.

If you were dealing with either A or B individually you would be feeling common negative emotions, however, A + B = Depression; shock to your system. You’ve decided to shutdown because it is too much to handle.

5. Time to distract yourself, however with purposeful distractions. The idea is get you to a state at least one step higher (anger, hurt etc.) for you to be in the appropriate frame of mind to undertake the introspection needed to ultimately end the cycle of depression. Distract yourself with purposeful distractions everyday, as soon as you find yourself beyond the boarder of depression, take that window of opportunity to work through
MOC-g in another emotion such as anger, hurt etc. If you fail to act during the window of opportunity you will most likely fall back into depression.

Purposeful distractions are those that antagonize A and B.

Example for A. Think of complements you have gotten in the past and dwell on them, this is to build the faith in yourself.
Example for B look at evidence that instills more trust in the governing power. Documentaries highlighting the patterns in nature and the mathematical foundation of the universe. If you’re religious read heart warming scriptures.
Bonus purposeful distractions; those that make you laugh.

You are being taken care of, you would not be here if you did not fit into the universal equation. 
The governing power is not allowed to abandon you, because it is impossible.

Purposeful Distractions A list 

Make a list of compliments you have gotten. Dwell on them.
Recreate something you did as a child, something you were proud of.
Everyday, ask someone what they like about you.

Purposeful Distractions B list 

Beauty of this World p1
Beauty of Nature
The Fibonacci Sequence
History of Earth
Nova – Decoding the Universe
God and Mathematics – The Golden Ratio
Patterns in Nature

Purposeful Distractions Bonus list

Just for laughs
Try Not to Laugh Challenge
Nyan Cat Fly game



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