Wrapped up in an illusion of propriety,
I sit here and dream, such cowardice.
Bottle to lips, green potion do your sorcery,
The realm of vengeance awaits me.


Whispers of my shadow being nibble at my ears.
Untamed it proposes plans on one knee.
Yes, oh yes! I tear.
I desire to be swept away, such twisted delight.


Take me, mold me, I’m a slave to your cunning.
Our marriage of convenience will outlive those of love.
For our nights are scheduled: Devious trysts.
By day we admire the beautiful mess we’ve made.


Hold my hand, as I deal out bad hands.
Dole out your ravenous looks and I shall revel.
Into the inferno, we’ll kick them down the slide.
Down with all who hurt your beautiful bride!


-S.A. Manful



shells1. Take a moment to check in with your body, what do you physically feel? And where?

2. List down ways that you think you have allowed a person or situation to make you feel mischievous. Do you acknowledge that you play a part in the way you feel?

3. Tell your story, what is presently making you feel like causing trouble? Who and what is involved in this situation? Write down everything you are feeling.

Write down the times you have felt this mischievous in the past. Regress further into the past into your childhood into your earliest memories. Once you find the earliest example or the most vivid experience of mischievousness in your past go back in time, re-examine and write how you felt. Express the things you could not express as a child. Who and what was involved back then?

4. What did you believe about yourself in the past? Did you conclude that you deserved to have your boundaries violated? Why? Did you live in a punishment based household or were you deprived of attention? All the times you caused trouble, what message were you trying to get across?

Imagine standing on the edge of a deep black pool called “I AM…” Inside this pool are all the negative thoughts you have of yourself. Jump into the pool and allow yourself to sink. Every time you encounter a negative “I am” thought ask yourself “why?” and allow it to take you deeper into the pool until you hit the bottom and cannot continue to ask “why?”. At first you notice shallow level thoughts such as “I am mischievous because I have issues”. As you sink deeper you notice thoughts that are darker and more universal such as “I am unlovable” “I am unworthy”. Once you hit the bottom and cannot ask “why?” You have arrived at your Negative Foundational Thought.

5. Write down your Negative Foundational Thought. Draw a line beside it and write down the opposite; this is your new Positive Foundational Thought. For example:

I am unworthy |  I am worthy

Important: Look at your NF-Thought. Acknowledge how easy it is to convince a child of anything. Put the two together and realize YOU HAVE BEEN TRICKED. The people and the circumstance worked to convinced you of this lie and you as a child believed it. Take a moment to let it sink in.

You are NOT your Negative Foundational Thought.

Pick up your phone and set an alarm for each day of the week, each day a different time. For the alarm title/message, type in your Positive Foundational Thought (I am/You are…) and save it. Whenever your phone tells you this message, say to it “I agree”. Keep this message until the day you feel you no longer need to be reminded. Return to this journal/paper and cross out your NF-Thought. 

Bonus optional techniques
Place sticky notes with your PF-Thought in places you go daily.
Record yourself saying your PF-Thought. Play it as you sleep on Repeat.
Create a desktop background with your PF-Thought.


Take a 20-30 minute nap for your subconscious to start re-wiring itself. Return to complete the process once you wake up. 




2 thoughts on “Mischievous

  1. Beautiful poem. Makes me think of today’s prompt, temptation. Moving illustrative words:
    illusion, cowardice, vengeance, untamed, twisted, cunning, and devious all made me truly understand how people can get wrapped up in temptation.

    Liked by 1 person

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